Low Porosity Hair Problems And How You Can Cure It?

 Are you worried about Low Porosity Hair? 

But wait, let me tell you something you do not need to panic because here we are for your treatment. In my own experience, I will tell you the whole story and the best solution to this difficulty. Stay with me. Here are the useful things that matter.

Beautiful and robust hair creates a sparkle of human personality. People enjoy molding their hair in different colors and designs. But low porosity hairs interfere with human desires. In general, people with low porosity hair do not enjoy different hair designs and colors. These tips will help your hair grow naturally.

Girl worried About her low porosity hair

 What Is Low Porosity Hair? 

Before proceeding with this article, you must know what hair with low porosity is? The definition of hair with low porosity is simply that your hair naturally loses moisture, which makes your hair look drier than others. One of the big reasons for this is your hair structure. When you wash hair, so the water is not absorbed in the shaft of your hair and causes low porosity hair.

Understanding the porosity level of your hair can be a significant factor. I’ll make it easy for you. If your hair has low porosity, it implies your hair bonds are firmly pressed and impervious to accepting dampness. To get your hair back to normal, you have to utilize shampoos and conditioners that are basic. There are usually three types of porosity.

1.low porosity hair
2.normal or medium porosity hair
3.high porosity hair

Here’s another question. How do you know? That you have low porosity hair. Don’t worry about it. I have a simple test that will help you know which type of porosity you have?

This is an elementary test. You can do it easily at home.

 Accurate Hair Porosity Test: 

For this test, take a glass of water and a strand of your hair. Put your hair strand into the water if the strand of your hair floats above the water for a long time. Or it may take a while to get to the water level. So, you have hair with low porosity.

Here comes the question in some people’s mind. Is low porosity hair is unhealthy? Unfortunately, the answer is yes; hair with low porosity is unhealthy. And if you did not control this innately. It has big problems for you, like hair loss.

If your hair strand dropped in water so fast, So you have hair with high porosity. It means your hair absorbs a lot of moisture very quickly.

If your hair strand floats in the middle of the water in the glass, so, you have hair with the normal porosity hair. This type of porosity is healthy hair. And this is the kind of hair you should have.

 Hair With Low Porosity Characteristics: 

  • Due to the cuticles are closed, the moisture not absorbed.
  • Products stay in your hair. They do not arrive in Cuticles.
  • Water stays on top of the hair.
  • The hair takes a long time to dry.
  • The hair looks healthy. But there is not much volume and flexibility.

Here also becomes a question. How to fix low porosity hair?

The answer is yes; It can be controlled or fixed with the tips of some hair experts. Now the time to share those tips with you.

 Low Porosity Hair Tips: 

When you suffer from low hair, so that doesn’t mean you lose hope. At this point, it should be more dynamic and find the right solution—this advice you can use anywhere in life.

Moisturizing and sealing low porosity hair:

  • First, it is necessary to open the cuticles. So that moisture can be absorbed. You must use heat. Surely you will be confused. Using heat means you wash your hair with warm water. Or apply a conditioner on your hair to get warmth from the hairdryer. This method will open your cuticles and enable them to absorb moisture.
  • Utilize a pre-poo treatment. You can utilize oil, a blend of oils, a conditioner containing oils. A pre-poo treatment is exceptionally advantageous for low porosity hair.
  • Use light oils such as argan oil and grapeseed oil. These oils are not too thick. There is no risk left to close your cuticles again.
  • Use a steaming cap or hooded dryer for your hair. This will keep your cuticles open. And will help absorb moisture.

 Use The Greenhouse Effect Method: 

You can usually use a shower cap on top of it to moisturize your hair. You can use it day and night. If you do not want to go everywhere during the day, you can also use it during the day. Wearing a shower cap will give you a sense of warmth. That’s the heat you need. The temperature in the shower cap will help keep your cuticles open.
Wash your hair whenever you want. Then definitely use the conditioner. After applying the conditioner, you will heat your hair. Then cuticles will open, And it will be easier for your hair to absorb moisture.
Now you will be thinking. How to heat your hair? Don’t worry, here’s warm sources for you. For example, a steamer, a hooded dryer, etc. if you don’t have any of these things, mostly cover your hair with a scarf or cap. Your body temperature will also be the subject.

 High Porosity Hair Characteristics: 

  • They absorb a lot of moisture. But they do not retain it.
  • They look dry and dull.
  • Because the cuticles are damaged, they absorb a lot of water.
  • It dries very quickly.

 High Porosity Hair Care: 

Eggs are beneficial for high porosity hair. Apply the egg to your hair and wash it after half an hour. Proteins in eggs restore and strengthen the cuticles. But remember not to overuse it. Excess protein can break your hair.

Use thick products for high porosity hair, such as aloe vera gel and coconut oil.

Deep conditioner products are also beneficial for long hair. Deep conditioning products provide the utility of cuticles, and they are restored.

 Normal Porosity Hair Characteristics: 

  • Medium hair absorbs the appropriate amount of moisture. And also maintain it.
  • They look shiny, beautiful, healthy in appearance.

 Normal Hair Care Tips: 

you would love to hear it. Because you are lucky, keep doing what you are doing. Your hair is healthy. And it has excellent porosity.

How To Moisturize Low Porosity Hair

When you become a victim of low porosity hair, so you start to use more than one hair product. But this is not appropriate. It is because your cuticles are interconnected, which causes a layer to form. And the products you use. These ingredients don’t reach the shaft of your hair. That’s not a problem. All you have to do is use some such products. Whose chemical formula is useful for low hair, which allows you to absorb moisture in your cuticles quickly. The purpose of all this was to elaborate. So, you know what causes low hair. When you see the cause, so it becomes easier for you to cure the disease. Provided your research and fact are correct.

We have already discovered some products for your convenience. The ingredients in these products will be very beneficial for recovering your hair.

There are affiliate links on our website—the product you want to buy. You can easily buy this product by clicking on its name. And find out more about this product.

We have some more suggestions. See:


Use a pre-poo method before washing your hair. You can use it according to your recipe by mixing almond oil, argan oil, and grape oil, and various ingredients. Then wear shower caps. The heat contained in the shower caps will open the cuticles and absorb moisture easily.

 2- Wash Your Hair 

Wash your head 2 to 3 times a week. Wash your head with a specific process. First, wash the head with warm water. It will help open the cuticles. After that, use some conditioner and then wash your head with cold water. This process will open your skins, and after absorbing the moisture, when you wash your head with cold water, it will close again and save moisture. It’s called the sealing moisture process.

 3- Cover Your Hair With A Cap Or Scarf 

When you are asleep, moisturize your hair with oil and cover it with a cap or scarf. Its process will give your hair the right amount of moisture.

 Low Porosity Hair Products 

Low hair products include three items oil, conditioner, and shampoo. Knowing that you value your time, after self-research, we have discovered some products that will benefit your hair health. The ingredients in these products are tailored to your hair’s needs.

 Best Oils For Low Porosity Hair 

Before I tell you the best oils for low hair, I want to tell you something else. Light oils are used for low hair. It is because heavy oils will then close your cuticles. And moisture will not be absorbed.
We recommend some companies for you if you want to buy, click on the link, and otherwise, you can buy it from the company of your choice. We recommend these companies after much research. Here is a list of some lighter oils to guide you through.

 1- Sweet Almond Oil Low Porosity Hair 

  • Almond oil is essential for low porosity hair. Because it is a light oil, and the ingredients in it are beneficial for low porosity hair. Ingredients found in almond oil also contain vitamin A, vitamin E, protein, zinc, and potassium.
  • Oleic acid, linoleic acid, stearic acid, and palmitic acid are its chemical components.
  • All the ingredients in almond oil play an important role in keeping your hair soft, supple, and shiny.
    Linoleic acid is beneficial in maintaining moisture in your hair.
    Sweet almond oil is also used for your skin shining. Here are two good brands for you.

sweet almond oil



 2- Grapeseed Oil 

  • Grapeseed oil is the lightest oil, I think. So it quickly absorbs into your hair.
  • Grapeseed oil is very beneficial for strengthening your hair.
  • The natural ingredients in it are vitamin E, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic fatty acids.
  • This oil is an excellent pick for those people who are sensitive to odors because it is odorless.



Now Grapeseed oil



 The shampoo is essential for low porosity hair. So we have chosen a shampoo that is tried. 


shea moisture jamacian castor oil shampoo


Shea Moisture is the best clarifying shampoo. It protects your hair from harmful ingredients.

 Best Conditioner For Hair With Low Poroity 

The conditioner is used with heat acts to seal and moisturize the hair for low porosity hair. Here are a few links for a good conditioner.

 SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strength And Restore Conditioner: 

This conditioner makes your hair smooth and beautiful. It allows moisture to reach your cuticles easily. The ingredients in it protect your hair from environmental pollution.
There are also a few more links. You can find details about the conditioner’s features by clicking on this link.

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Conditioner


 People Also Ask Protein Is good For Low Porosity Hair? 

Hair with low porosity does not require protein. A protein treatment is used for highporosity hair. Hair with low porosity already has a high volume in protein. If you have protein items, your hair will get hard and close to breakage. That’s why we selected all the products for you after much research. And special care has been taken. Protein may not be present in them.


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