Argan Oil For Hair, Benefits And Why It’s Good For Hair?

For several years now, the so-called “liquid gold from Morocco” has been celebrated as a true beauty miracle. But why is argan oil good for the hair and how does it work?



Thank you Argan oil
Thank you Argan oil for healthy hair

 Why Is Argan Oil Important For Hair? 

There are always new super products in the beauty industry that promise smooth skin and beautiful hair. Many of them disappear after a while. Others stay and gradually convince more and more women. This also includes argan oil, which many models, stars, and influencers swear by. It is said to care for the scalp, fight dandruff and hair loss and, above all, restore shine and suppleness to dry hair.

 What is argan oil anyway? 

Moroccan argan oil has been extracted from the fruit of the argan tree for thousands of years. This grows only in the Arganeraie – an area of approx. 800,000 hectares with 20 million trees. Argania is one of the oldest trees in the world, and there are also some in southwest Morocco that are well over 250 years old.

Argan Oil seed
Argan Oilseed

The fruit of the argan tree initially looks like a mini lemon and also tastes bitter. In order to protect the tree, the government has now stipulated that only fruits that have fallen on the ground may be used for further processing. The extremely fatty seeds of the very difficult to crack kernel are interesting for argan oil. When you consider that for one liter of argan oil you have to open the kernels of 30 kilos of fruit by hand, it is not surprising that argan oil is called “liquid gold”.

 Why Is Argan Oil Good For Hair? 

The nourishing and healing effects of argan oil have now been proven by many studies. The special oil owes its positive properties to its valuable ingredients. Particularly noteworthy is the high concentration of vitamin E, but many other ingredients also contribute to the fact that argan oil is a beauty miracle for skin and hair.

Ingredient vitamin E: Strengthens the hair, prevents hair loss, and accelerates hair growth.

Ingredient carotenoid: Can protect the hair from harmful UV radiation. UV rays damage the hair (and also the skin) and dry it out.

Ingredient alpha-linolenic acid: Gives the hair elasticity and protects against hair breakage.

Ingredient quercetin: Has a cell-protecting and anti-inflammatory effect and brings the scalp back into balance.

Ingredient flavonoids:  Have an antibacterial property and help with dandruff or fungus on the skin.

Phytonutrients, omega-6 fatty acids, and omega-3 fatty acids: Have an antioxidant effect and protect hair and skin from free radicals.

 What Hair Problems Can Argan Oil Solve? 

Itchy scalp
Hair loss
Dry hair
Thin hair
Dull hair
Dry scalp
Broken hair
Oily hair
Slow growing hair
Split ends

 How does argan oil apply to hair? 

You can use pure argan oil ideally for external applications. No matter what hair problem you have, a few drops of argan oil can be very effective in a very short time. These are the three best uses of argan oil:

 Argan oil against irritated scalp: 

If the scalp is not healthy, neither can the hair. The result is hair loss. Argan oil will help get rid of dandruff, fungus, or itching. To do this, put a few drops on the scalp before washing your hair and massage them gently with your fingertips. So that the argan oil can fully develop its effect, you should leave it on for at least 15 minutes and then wash off with a shampoo and lukewarm water.

 Argan oil against split ends and brittle hair: 

Put a few drops of argan oil on your fingertips and work the oil into the lengths and ends of your hair. It is best not to wash your hair afterward. But if you feel that they are too greasy after application (this can especially be the case with thin hair), then use a mild shampoo to wash out.

 Use on dry hair: 

Do you want healthy and shiny hair? Then you should regularly do a hair mask or conditioner with argan oil. To do this, put a few drops of the special oil in the palms of your hands in the shower and then distribute it in wet hair and also on the scalp. After a short exposure time, you can then wash your hair out.

If you want intensive hair care, you can also put the argan oil in damp hair, wrap it in a towel and let the high-quality ingredients work for a few hours or overnight. To keep your hair from being greasy, wash it off with a mild shampoo the next day. You will see: your hair has never been so healthy and shiny.

 Buy argan oil for hair: what should you look out for? 

First of all, it is important not to be put off by the higher price. Argan oil cannot be compared to olive oil. If you use it on the skin and hair, you must also know that it is particularly economical.

Since argan oil is a purely natural product, in most cases it is of organic quality anyway. Make sure it is cold-pressed and pure and does not contain silicone. To ensure that you have some of your special oil for a long time, you should store it in a cool, dry, and dark place. It can last for almost two years and does not lose its effectiveness.

Where can you buy argan oil for hair?
Since argan oil is usually purely natural, you can find it at appropriate dealers, but also in drugstores. Those who prefer to order conveniently online – like us – can shop this argan oil for their hair:

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Argan oil


 Other uses for argan oil: 

Argan oil is not only a beauty miracle for the hair, but also for the skin (face and body) and the nails. The special ingredients make it a great anti-aging agent that can be integrated very well into skincare.

But argan oil can also act as a beauty booster and health aid from within. The unsaturated fatty acids are vital for the human organism and argan oil has been proven to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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