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Best Almond Oil For Hair Beneficial properties & Hair Growth Naturally

sweet almond oil

Attention, girls – we have a new beauty hero for you! Almond oil For hair. Okay, okay … it’s not so unique; but it is still very much underestimated and far too unknown.

For a long time, coconut oil took first place when it came to natural care for the head and body, followed by argan oil. However, the trend is now going in a different direction. We’re talking about almond oil.

For everyone who thinks, “It’s all the same anyway” – not valid! Even if many oils are real care miracles and have a few things in common, each oil has its strengths. Do you want to know why you should include almond oil in your hair routine? We’ll tell you right away!

Sweet Almond Oil For Hair Growth

After we have briefly clarified what almond oil is, we come to the essentials. What can almond oil do, and why is it so popular?

Thanks to its richness, almond oil is a real care boost. It provides the hair with a lot of moisture and, by the way, it strengthens the hair structure, even with split ends, and ensures excellent shiny hair. It gets even better: even if no scientific studies exist, many swear by almond oil for hair growth. It contains biotin, which stimulates cell growth and ensures even more fullness and length.

Conclusion: Thanks to almond oil, the hair becomes more resilient overall, has more suppleness and a healthy shimmer!

Benefits Of Almond Oil For Skin And Hair

benefits of Almond oil
Benefits of Almond oil

Did you think that was all? Nope! We have even more arguments in favor of getting an almond oil right away if it is not already part of your beauty equipment. What is so good for the hair cannot be bad for the skin, and it is just that. The skin can benefit from the ingredients, and the almond oil is also used as a natural eyelash serum.

How do I use almond oil?

It is effortless to use. The almond oil can either be integrated into the daily hair routine or as an intensive treatment.

Use almond oil regularly.

Massage the almond oil evenly into the hair immediately after washing. Depending on the length of the hair, around 2 – 5 drops are sufficient for optimal care. This also works with dry hair, but be careful: the oil must be used more sparingly!

Use almond oil as a cure.

Almond oil can also be used regularly as a cure to increase the intensity of its effects. To do this, massage a small amount of oil or additional treatment with almond oil from the roots to the tips, cover the hair with a towel or a shower cap and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly!

Which almond oil is the best?

Almond oils are now available almost everywhere, primarily online, in organic cosmetic stores or drugstores. However, a distinction must first be made in production, because there are two methods:

Cold-pressed almond oil
The ripe almond fruits are cold-pressed and filtered several times in a gentle pressing process. This means that all ingredients are retained, and the almond oil can develop its full effect.

Refined almond oil
Refined almond oil is cheaper than cold pressing, but it also contains fewer nutrients. The oil is heated during production, and many essential components are lost as a result.

Conclusion: We recommend cold-pressed almond oil because it is not worth saving on hair care here. This almond oil is super popular:

What is almond oil?

First of all: what is almond oil anyway? Sure, it’s a liquid made from almonds. But did you know that there are roughly two types of almond, namely the sweet and the bitter almond? The oil obtained from bitter almonds is only used for essential purposes.

Sweet Almond Oil For low Porosity Hair

The sweet almonds are of real interest to us. Not only do they have a sweet and nutty aroma, but they have the ingredients that are so important to us that make our hair look amazing. Sweet Almond oil is good for low porosity hair. Almond oil has numerous vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, among other things.

  • Ingredients at a glance
  • Vitamins: A, B, D, and E.
  • Minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium
  • Fatty acids: Both unsaturated and saturated fatty acids



How is almond oil adequately stored?

Almond oil is sensitive to light, heat, as well as oxygen. Therefore it has to be kept cold and dark; then you will have something of it for a long time!

Homemade hair treatment

Last but not least, we have a recipe on how you can easily make an almond oil-based hair treatment yourself. The ingredients are mixed together, given generously into the hair, let work in, rinse well – DONE!

One teaspoon of almond oil
One teaspoon of shea butter
½ teaspoon jojoba oil
½ teaspoon olive oil

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