You can find out the level of porosity of your hair in 2 minutes

The hair porosity test is easy. You can also try it at home. Haircare products are divided into many categories and depending on the need you think you have, you choose the product you use. But there are times when, whatever you buy, whatever you do, your hair does not respond. They continue to frizz, insist on being hard and wild, lubricate immediately, and generally, nothing can “do them well”. So in order to help them, yes, you have to determine exactly what you want (smoothing, moisturizing, etc.) but before that, you have to know how porous your hair is. What is it and why is it important? We will explain it to you...

Hair – as you know – consists of scales. These scales open and close with heat (atmosphere and water) and this opening and closing is responsible for how smooth and shiny or frizzy and dull your hair is. But it is also responsible for the moisture levels of your hair and how effectively the nutrients penetrate and remain in each hair. So porosity is how open or closed the scales of your hair are and there are three levels…

hair porosity types

The low level of porosity where the scales are tightly closed. No, this is not good and does not mean that your hair is healthier. It simply means that your scales do not open and so it is very difficult for nutrients and moisture to penetrate from the products.

The normal level of porosity where the scales open relatively easily and close very well holding the right ingredients and moisture. Yes, that’s ideal.

The high level of porosity where the scales are almost permanently open and so moisture and nutrition “water” the hair quickly but, the faster they penetrate, the faster they disappear because the scales do not close. But what is the porosity due to? On the one hand, it is a matter of construction. Some hairs are more porous than others due to genes. Sometimes, however, the technical work, the styling, and the dyes destroy the hair and change its porosity. It is 50% -50%! So how do you know at what level your hair is to get the right measures? Take the test!


hair Glass test

Fill an oversized party glass for a contemporary floral arrangement. If the hair remains on the surface then your hair has low porosity. If it stays suspended somewhere in the middle of the glass then the porosity is normal and if it sinks to the bottom then you have high porosity. So what should you do?

If you have low porosity, LET YOUR HEAVY PRODUCTS DOWN. Yes, we shout. You may think that because they can not retain moisture and ingredients, you should turn to heavy-duty products but you will only be able to keep the product on the surface of the hair and dull it. You need thin products that can penetrate through the tightly closed scales of your hair.


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If you have normal porosity then you do not have particular problems which means that your own hair responds to almost everything.

If you have high porosity, what you need to do is to “fill” the gaps between the raised scales and give your hair as much nourishment and moisture as possible. So heavy-duty products are for you even if you do not want to believe it! Well; Will you take the test to give your hair what it really needs?


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